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Steps to Clean Your Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Routine cleaning of leather motorcycle jacket is an important process that can help it look at its best. As you probably know, leather boots, trousers, jackets, and suites cost a lot of money. Therefore, there is a need to put effort and time to maintain their beautiful finish. In fact, a quality leather jacket starts to dry easily and can crack if proper care is not provided. The process of conditioning and cleaning motorcycle gear is very easy. Also, jackets which are well-maintained are comfortable to wear. It is advisable to clean a leather motorcycle jacket every three months.

Initial cleaning

2w22 motorcyle jacketBefore you begin the cleaning process, you should have a convenient place where to hang the leather jacket. Ensure that there is adequate space and use a coat hanger. You need to begin cleaning process with hot soapy water. Also, you should stay away from the washing up liquid and harsh detergents. Moreover, you should avoid using a shower gel, instead use mild soap. Using a microfiber cloth, ensure the jacket is completely clean.


After cleaning the jacket and all dirt has been eliminated, you can leave it to dry in an open place. Avoid using a hair dryer, tumble dry, or other heated appliances to accelerating drying up. When leather materials are heated, they can split, crack, or even shrink. When it is dry, you can then begin conditioning it. It is necessary to carry out initial cleaning carefully to ensure all dirt is removed. If you carry out conditioning directly, then you will trap a lot of dirt that can affect the appearance of the jacket.

Apply conditioner

22a22 motorcycle jacketEnsure you apply a quality conditioner that is absorbed by the leather material easily. This is necessary to ensure long-term protection. Massage the conditioner over the jacket using a dry cloth or your hands. Pay attention to stitching and seams. This is because they are tricky areas that are prone to rotting or cracking in the future. After applying the coating, you can leave your jacket to dry overnight. You will realize that the material will feel a bit greasy at the start. However, when the material absorbs the conditioner fully, it will look great.

The above are useful steps for cleaning and maintaining your leather motorcycle jacket. You can also take it to professionals to carry out the cleaning process.…

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Types of Vehicular Maintenance you can do Yourself

Carrying out scheduled maintenance by yourself, instead of outsourcing a professional mechanic, can save you a lot of money. Although the amount you save per visit is quite minimal, it can add up over time. There are various parts of the car that are DIY-approved. These areas can save you a lot of time and money.

You should carry out maintenance on areas that do not need training of a mechanic and tools. Just stick to DIY-approved car maintenance checklist. In this way, you can keep your car running smoothly and safely. The following are some routine vehicle maintenance to do by yourself:

Oil changes

tg2w6 car oil changeIt is easy to change the oil filter and oil with the assistance of a trained mechanic. Ensure you have the correct supplies and you can change the oil by yourself. Get an oil pan to store used oil, a car jack, a funnel, a new oil filter, and some bottles. Moreover, you should have rubber gloves, safety goggles, clean clothes, and a flashlight. Ensure you change the oil as soon as the car hits every 5,000 miles.



If your car does not have adequate coolant, then it will not perform to the required standards. It is likely to fail to operate after a short period. The coolant is vital for the performance and operation of any particular vehicle. This is because it prevents the engine from overheating because of constant heat production and friction.


It is quite easy to change burnt-out headlights. Unfortunately, many car owners are not aware of this. A burnt-out headlight can cause an accident. This is something you can repair instantly. The fact that you should make appointments with your auto shop; you can save a lot of money by repairing it instantly. You just need a new bulb and basic tools.

Air filters

2ws2q1 air filtersOther than oil filters, you can also change air filters on a regular basis. You should note that air filters are inexpensive and can be bought at any given general store or automotive store. Usually, the air filter goes for about $20. If you fail to change an air filter, you are likely to realize a decrease in car performance and gas mileage. Fortunately, this is a maintenance job that you can do easily. In fact, it will take less than 10 minutes. Ensure you follow the manual.…