Auto Repair for a Vehicle’s Windshield

Sometimes, you might notice a crack in your windshield, and wonder how it got there in the first place. In such situations, we are tasked with fixing cracked windows. This is the time when you need auto glass replacement Phoenix services.

Described below is a brief explanation of the windshield cracks in vehicles and how to care for them:


During the worst of the cold seasons, rainstorms can be accompanied by hail. At its worst, hail the size of a fist can adversely impact any vehicle’s rear or front windshield. Alternatively, it will result in small chips, which can increase the size of the crack over time. When hail cracks your windshield, your best bet is to take your vehicle to an auto repair garage and prevent it from spreading further.

Faulty Installation

While it is impossible to discover a poorly installed windshield on a car, you can find a defective windshield replaced instead. In several cases, the technician ordered the wrong model or had the framework set incorrectly. Poorly installed windshields can be very dangerous to you or your vehicle in the event of a collision.


Temperature Fluctuations

During spring and fall, temperatures can fluctuate extremely. If your temperature rises above freezing point into much warmer temperature during the day, you can notice an effect on the window edges. It would be unwise to leave your vehicle outside exposed to the summer sun. If the temperatures exceed 100 degrees, your windshield may be at risk.


Another reason for temperature fluctuations is the rate of exposure to sunlight. Sunlight heat on shiny metals and other materials surrounding the glass can force abnormal expansion of the glass edges. This will lead to cracks along the surface and at the center. The best place to have your car parked is under shady conditions when possible.

The High Winds

When it is windy outside, debris, dirt particles, and dust will settle on your car windshield. When exposed for long, the particles end up penetrating this surface, resulting in chipping. The good news is those windshield problems arising from chipping can be quickly repaired. Drive your ride to the auto repair service centers. After which, buff out the chips before they advance into cracks.

Things to Consider

temperature changeSudden changes in air temperature can result in cracks on your windshield. This is brought about by the expansion and contraction in air temperature. As hot air heats up the glass, it suddenly expands. If the glass is instantaneously exposed to the cold, it will crack. This is why it is a bad idea for you to pour hot water onto your windscreen so as to defrost it.

When inspecting your windshield for cracks, do not be hasty to remedy the situation on your own because your response is from a position of ignorance. Get in touch with professional auto repair service experts, who are aware of the air pressure fluctuations. Failure to have it repaired in due time will necessitate a full windshield replacement, which might be very costly.


Most auto repair services today are operational round the clock and offer emergency response services to anyone affected. Get in touch with the right auto experts and have your vehicle fixed in real time.…