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If you are an automotive supplier, there is a need to implement a QMS system and get the certification. The right time to adopt IATF 16949 is now. These are some tips to help you transit from the current quality management systems to globally recognized system of IATF 16949 for automotive suppliers.

Train All Your Employees

In this case, you have to train all employees, including operators. Remember that the message, content, and length you ought to deliver varies based on your audience. For instance, you will need to focus on the control plan, manufacturing flow for operators, and work instructions. It is advisable to plan your training with the leadership team and review the necessary changes required. After these, add training hours for process owners, members, and office staff. It is advisable to provide a different presentation during each training session.

Review KPIs

You need to review KPIs for every process. There is a need to ensure there are KPIs for efficiency and effectiveness. You have probably come across different processes that do not have a proper KPI to measure the efficiency of the processes. It is vital to note that efficiency is about optimization. Therefore, when setting process limitations, you ought to set your objectives and make them align with KPIs.


You can address the risks you have at any particular level. Risk analysis can be divided into three levels: product, process, and company. The IATF 16949 needs risk-based thinking meaning you ought to consider the risk for all your decisions in the organization. For instance, for small-medium enterprises, you can cover risks in management review. Remember that there is a need to promote risk-based thinking in your organization.

Process Audit

The truth is that you will find it challenging to train your auditors on the new requirements for IATF 16949 certification. Ensure you train a few people at mid-level, such as supervisors, engineers, and managers.

Corrective Action and Improvement

Ideally, if you did not meet your targets for the previous period, you need to take every corrective action as, in this case, improvement is not necessary. However, if you met the targets, it is time you set tighter and challenging targets. In this case, your actions will be considered to be an improvement. The same for the process, if it met its targets, then you should call it an improvement.