Lincoln SUV

Lincoln Navigator is among the largest SUVs in the market. It has three rows of seat, and it can accommodate eight passengers. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is ranked as one of the best choices when it comes to SUVs rankings. It is known for its high performance and added comfort. It has a good fuel economy and tremendous cargo space.

Is it a good SUV?

Its outstanding performance and features make it one of the best vehicles. It is designed with a powerful engine that can compete will the other rival’s engines. In addition to this, Lincoln Navigator 2018 has a big cargo space as compared to its competitors. Again, it has a great gas mileage like the other luxury SUVs. It has a beautiful cabin that is made of top-notch materials. This vehicle will impress in nearly all areas. SUV car

Why do you need to purchase the Lincoln Navigator?

The Navigator is a luxury vehicle that has no weaknesses. It is a well-rounded vehicle. Additionally, its starting price is relatively low as compared to its competitors. It is a vehicle that has a great value.

Cost of the Lincoln Navigator

The starting price of 2018 model is about $ 72,000. This price is lower than that of the other large SUVs. The cost of the other models ranges between $ 80,000 and $ 100,000. You can save money and get a better deal by visiting the local Lincoln dealers.

Navigator performance

Gas mileage

Its gas mileage is pretty good. It has a better gas mileage as compared to the other large SUVs. Again, this model uses regular gasoline. Most of its competitors use premium fuel. This means that you can save a lot of money in buying gas by purchasing this vehicle.


It is designed with a powerful engine; a 450-horsepower and twin turbo engine. Many people prefer it because of its 10-speed automatic transmission which makes it more powerful as compared to its rivals’ engines. Its transmission shifts are well-timed and smooth.powerful engine

Ride and handling

It is known for its exceptional ride quality. It is a practical choice for rough roads. In fact, it has more features to offer as compared to the smooth cruisers. Its turning radius is small.

Towing capacity

This model has a high towing capacity of up to 8,700 pounds. It can be used in pulling a moving boat or trailer. In addition to this, this model is highly reliable. It has a sway control feature that makes it a great option for those people who like using their vehicles for towing.