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Preventing Your Motorbike from Getting Stolen

Owning a motorbike can be quite beneficial just like owning a car. It helps facilitate your movements through a particular area. You can go to work or run your errands smoothly with a motorbike. A motorbike can maneuver through small spaces, and this is where it has an added advantage over a car.

In traffic, you can pass through the small spaces with your bike. This helps you save time. Accessing certain places is also not that difficult. Car owners may at times be forced to park a distance away before trekking to a specific spot. One challenge most bike owners face is motorbike theft. One can steal and speed off with them when not properly parked.

You need to ensure your bike is very secure to stay free from such a scenario. The antirrobo moto suelo can fit a specific device that will prevent your bike from getting stolen. You can also visit other garages for your motorbike to be fitted with a special anti-theft device. One reason why most people take bikes is to sell their parts as spares.

Parts of certain brands of motorbikes turnout to be more expensivemotorbike lock because of their demand. You need to understand that thieves have mastered new techniques so you should do your best to ensure your motorbike is safe from them. The following are ways you can prevent your bike from getting stolen.


One thing you can do to safeguard your motorbike from thieves is concealing it. This mainly depends on where or how you park your bike. If you use your garage most of the time, then you should ensure it is adequately secured by having the right windows or cover. Do not let anyone know where you park your bike. Doing so will give thieves a difficult time trying to locate your motorbike.

Use of Locks

You can also use locks to prevent your bike from getting stolen. There are particular types of lock that help prevent a motorbike moving from a spot where it is parked. Others will require one to insert the wheel before locking.  Using this will give motorbike thieves who use a ramp and lorry a difficult time.


Chains can also prevent your bike from getting stolen. Although manybike lock do not prefer this method, it still offers some specific level of security. Security chains are usually strong and are supposed to be tied against a stable area. You should also get the right locks for your chain.…

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Steps to Clean Your Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Routine cleaning of leather motorcycle jacket is an important process that can help it look at its best. As you probably know, leather boots, trousers, jackets, and suites cost a lot of money. Therefore, there is a need to put effort and time to maintain their beautiful finish. In fact, a quality leather jacket starts to dry easily and can crack if proper care is not provided. The process of conditioning and cleaning motorcycle gear is very easy. Also, jackets which are well-maintained are comfortable to wear. It is advisable to clean a leather motorcycle jacket every three months.

Initial cleaning

2w22 motorcyle jacketBefore you begin the cleaning process, you should have a convenient place where to hang the leather jacket. Ensure that there is adequate space and use a coat hanger. You need to begin cleaning process with hot soapy water. Also, you should stay away from the washing up liquid and harsh detergents. Moreover, you should avoid using a shower gel, instead use mild soap. Using a microfiber cloth, ensure the jacket is completely clean.


After cleaning the jacket and all dirt has been eliminated, you can leave it to dry in an open place. Avoid using a hair dryer, tumble dry, or other heated appliances to accelerating drying up. When leather materials are heated, they can split, crack, or even shrink. When it is dry, you can then begin conditioning it. It is necessary to carry out initial cleaning carefully to ensure all dirt is removed. If you carry out conditioning directly, then you will trap a lot of dirt that can affect the appearance of the jacket.

Apply conditioner

22a22 motorcycle jacketEnsure you apply a quality conditioner that is absorbed by the leather material easily. This is necessary to ensure long-term protection. Massage the conditioner over the jacket using a dry cloth or your hands. Pay attention to stitching and seams. This is because they are tricky areas that are prone to rotting or cracking in the future. After applying the coating, you can leave your jacket to dry overnight. You will realize that the material will feel a bit greasy at the start. However, when the material absorbs the conditioner fully, it will look great.

The above are useful steps for cleaning and maintaining your leather motorcycle jacket. You can also take it to professionals to carry out the cleaning process.…